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Treatment Interventions




Balance Improvement and Fall Prevention

Every year, more than one out of four adults 65 years or older have a fall, with...


DRX (Spinal Decompression Therapy)

Spinal decompression therapy (DRX), also known as nonsurgical decompression...


Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a therapeutic procedure that involves sending mild...


Genicular Artery Embolization

Knee joint replacement is a common orthopedic procedure used to relieve pain...


Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization...


IASTM (Instruments Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Instruments Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), also called the Graston...


Manual Therapy/Myofascial Release

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy that involves the use of hand...


MedX Neck Extension Machine

The MedX Neck Extension Machine is used to treat patients suffering...


Posture Assessment

Posture assessment involves assessing the positions of the body’s joints...


Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation for sports injuries involves physical therapy designed to restore...


Sport Taping and Kinesio Taping

Sport taping is a therapeutic tape that is applied strategically to the body to...


Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are designed to correct impairments, restore...


Trigger Point Treatment

Trigger point treatment is a type of massage therapy aimed at releasing...


Pre- and Post-Surgery Physical Therapy for ACL Reconstruction

Pre- and post-surgery physical therapy for ACL reconstruction is necessary...


Pre- and Post-Surgery Physical Therapy for Hip & Knee Joint Replacement

Pre- and post-operative physical therapy for hip and knee joint replacement...


Pre- and Post-Surgery Physical Therapy for Meniscus Injury

Pre- and post-surgery physical therapy for a meniscus injury is necessary...


Pre- and Post-Surgery Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Repair

Pre- and post-surgery physical therapy for rotator cuff repair is necessary...


At OC Physical Therapy, patients receive a customized treatment plan to help them fully recover from injuries and overuse. Our dedicated team of physical therapists seeks to provide you with better overall health through quality care.
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